YouTube for iOS gains topics for your Subscriptions feed

YouTube is introducing a new feature today to help you more easily catch up on your subscriptions.

The YouTube app for iOS is adding topics for the Subscriptions feed. There are six topics in all, and they’re meant to help you sort through your subscriptions and find the perfect video for that particular moment. All videos in these topics are shown in reverse chronological order, aka from newest to oldest.

Here are the six different feeds you’ll find in your Subscriptions tab:

  • All: Lists all videos from the channels you’re subscribed to from latest to oldest. Will be your default feed.
  • Today: Shows the videos that were published within the past 24 hours.
  • Continue Watching: Displays videos that you’ve started watching by haven’t finished.
  • Unwatched: Only shows videos that you haven’t watched yet.
  • Live: Will only show livestream videos and YouTube Premieres.
  • Posts: Shows you Community posts from channels you’re subscribed to, but won’t show any actual videos.

Google says that these new topics in the Subscriptions feed are now rolling out in YouTube for iOS. Android users will get it in the future.

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