You can soon add texts to PDFs using Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is finally getting support for a new feature
that will allow you to add texts to PDF documents without using
third-party software on Windows or macOS. This feature is
called “Add text” and it’s now rolling out to Microsoft Edge
users in the Canary channel.

Microsoft Edge has always offered a better PDF editing/viewing
experience than Google Chrome or Firefox. The ability to view
and edit PDF documents is a convenient feature, but there are
some limitations. For example, if you want to edit the PDF and
insert text, you need more capable software, such as Adobe
Acrobat Reader.

Thankfully, Microsoft has listened to the feedback and the
upcoming update will enable support for custom text boxes in
PDF documents. This feature is particularly useful when you’ve
received PDF form data, but you’re unable to complete any of
the fields in the document due to restrictions.

The solution is to use Microsoft Edge’s new “Add text” feature
that allows you to add text to documents when the PDF itself
does not support fields.

Microsoft Edge add text

To add a text, open the PDF document in Microsoft Edge 94
(Canary), and click the “Add text” option, as shown in the
below screenshot. Or you can also right-click anywhere in the
document to add a text box, and then start typing. When you’re
done, you can save, print, or e-mail the document.

Microsoft Edge also lets you change the font size, padding
between characters and text colour as well.

According to the roadmap, this feature will begin rolling out
with Edge 94 and it’s currently in development.

Other PDF improvements coming to Microsoft Edge

According to the roadmap, Microsoft Edge 95 will introduce new
PDF viewing and mockup experience. As part of the update, you
can expect new freeform highlighters that will allow you to
highlights sections of a restricted PDF document such as
scanned documents.

Additionally, Microsoft Edge 94 will
introduce an improved Immersive Reader with the ability to
change columns style. For example, you can soon make the
columns wider and switch between three styles: narrow, medium,
or wide.

Likewise, Edge is also getting sleeping tabs improvements, such
as the ability to put inactive browser tabs to sleep after less
than a minute of inactivity.

Edge’s next big update with improved immersive reader, sleeping
tabs and new PDF features will begin rolling out in the fourth
week of September.

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