You can reduce Windows 11’s RAM usage by avoiding its new features

Windows 11 RAM usage

Certain features and settings are enabled on Windows 11 by
default that you might want to disable to improve the speed of
the OS. If you have an unsupported device or old hardware with
a low amount of RAM, you should immediately limit or disable
the Microsoft Teams icon which is pinned to the taskbar of the
new operating system.

As you’re probably aware, Microsoft Teams has a more prominent
role than expected in the latest version of Windows. Teams app
has been integrated into the taskbar, allowing users with
personal accounts to start chats or video conferencing calls,
and invite their friends to the platform.

In addition to Teams, Windows 11’s taskbar also comes with
another new addition called “Widgets board”. These two new
buttons are pinned to the taskbar alongside all the usual
options, such as the Start menu and Task View. As you can see
in the below screenshot, Widgets board lets you view and manage
news stories, widgets and more.

Windows 11 widgets slow

According to former Microsoft employee Michael
Niehaus, it may be a good idea to turn off these icons if
you prefer performance over fancy features.

That’s because Widgets and Microsoft Teams chat launch
Microsoft Edge WebView2 processes in the background. WebView2
is a part of Microsoft Edge and it is necessary for web-based
apps like Teams or Widgets in Windows 11. Unfortunately, these
processes are resources intensive in some cases.

Windows 11 Widget feature spawn WebView 2 processes only when
you click on its button and browse through the feed. On the
other hand, Windows 11 taskbar’s Teams chat icon, which is the
entry point for Microsoft Teams 2.0, could use the system’s
resources without doing anything.

Windows 11 Teams chat

When the icon is pinned to the taskbar, it triggers web-related
activities in the background during the sign-in process. In
apps like Process Explorer, you will immediately notice as many
as nine processes tied to Teams client.

Microsoft Teams RAM usage

IT admin Niehaus noted that removing the Teams icon will
disable these WebView2 processes on startup.

Disabling this might not make an immediate difference to your
day-to-day experience, but as you launch more apps or web apps,
limiting just how many concurrent WebView 2 processes are
running in the background could prove useful.

To boost your operating system’s performance, simply
right-click on the Widgets board and Teams icon, and unpin

A word of warning, there may be other bugs and features
affecting the performance of our windows 11 device, so it may
be a good idea to install Windows 11’s latest
optional update, especially if your storage drive is slower
than usual.

As we reported earlier, Microsoft has developed a proper fix
for Windows 11’s slow write speed and the fix is currently
included in the optional update. If you don’t want to install
optional updates, you can also wait for the February 2022 Patch
Tuesday release.

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