You can now purchase Windows 10 games as gifts from the Microsoft Store

Windows 10 PC Game Gifting
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Microsoft recently announced a new option for gamers in Windows
10. The company announced that the Windows 10 users will now be
able to purchase games as gifts for their friends and family
directly from the Microsoft Store.

The company which enabled this feature for Xbox One users last
year is now bringing the same feature to all Windows 10 users
who download, install and play games from the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft calls it as “PC digital games gifting” and has
included all PC and Xbox One games as part of the gifting
program. Windows 10 users who would like to buy a game as a
gift would need to go to the Microsoft Store on their PCs and
look for the game they would like to purchase.

You would need to click the “Buy as Gift” option and provide
the email address of the recipient for whom the gift is being
bought. Once the email is entered, the user receives an email
with details on how to redeem the code in the Microsoft Store
to download the game.

Microsoft says that the codes which are received for redemption
are allowed to be redeemed only in the country they have been
purchased, meaning if a user lives in the United States and is
looking to purchase a gift for his friend in Canada or any
other country, he will not be able to do so.

Many of the games are already available for gifting and the
company says it is working on adding support for new contents
along with improving the digital gifting option.

“We are hard at work on improving digital gifting, adding new
capabilities as well as support for new content types. We look
forward to bringing you updates on the gifting of paid PC and
Xbox apps soon,” Microsoft explains.

If you are looking to buy Xbox 360 or an original Xbox game
then you would need to wait for some more time since such games
have not yet been included in the program.

Microsoft also confirmed that if users are looking to purchase
gifts which are having a discounted price, then they are
allowed a maximum of 10 purchases every 14 days. This limit is
applicable only for gifts on discounted rates but not for
products which are available at their full price.

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