You can now enable Windows 11 design in Google Chrome 96

Windows 11 Chrome design

Chrome 96 is now available for everyone and it comes with a new
experimental flag that will make the browser appear more like
native apps on Windows 11. As you know, this new generation of
Windows focuses on rounded corners, subtle design improvements,
and Mica material (a new transparency effect).

A new patch in the Chromium Gerrit previously confirmed that
Google is considering Windows 11 style design features for
Chrome. The experimental flag, which brings rounded corners to
the main menu, context menu for web page, and menu for the tab
strip, is now included in Chrome 96 for Windows 11.

As you’re probably aware, one of the biggest changes of Windows
11 is native support for rounded corners. Microsoft has updated
native apps and OS with rounded corners for both menus and
popups. With Chrome 96, Google’s browser will more closely
resemble native apps on Microsoft’s new generation operating
system release.


Chrome 96 new menu style on Windows 11

Chrome 96’s visual update is available for Windows 10 and
Windows 11, but it needs to be enabled manually by following
these steps:

  • Open Chrome://flags.
  • Search for “Windows 11”.
  • Enable the experimental flag.
  • Relaunch the browser.

As you can see in the above screenshots, Google is updating
Chrome on Windows to make its menus have rounded corners and
matches the look/feel of Windows 11. It’s entirely possible
that the “Windows 11 style” experimental flag will get updated
in future to cover other areas of the web browser.

In fact, we’ve spotted popups using new transparency effects,
which suggests that Chrome could be getting Microsoft’s Fluent
Design and new Mica transparency effects alongside the rounded

There’s no telling when the experimental Windows 11 style menus
will roll out to users of Chrome stable but it would make sense
if these changes are implemented next year with support for
more improvements.

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