You can now batch rename files on Windows 10 with PowerToys

Back in the days of Windows 95, Microsoft offered PowerToys – a
collection of useful tools and utilities to improve Windows
experience. Earlier this year,
Microsoft said that it was bringing PowerToys to Windows 10
and the app was launched with two features.

The latest version of PowerToys adds support for advanced bulk
file renamer on Windows 10, allowing you to select multiple
files and rename them with one click. Unlike the third-party
apps, PowerToys is deeply integrated into Windows 10.

The bulk file renamer is called ‘Power Rename’ or ‘Smart
Rename’ and it comes with a straightforward interface, and the
purpose is to enable easy batch renaming on Windows 10. At the
same time, PowerToys app offers advanced features including the
option to configure rules for batch rename of the files.

For example, you can customize the batch file renamer with
extensions, case sensitive and others.

PowerToys renamer

The feature is idle for managing large numbers of photos, music
and video files. It offers a live preview and you can also roll
back the changes that you made with one click.

For power users, the arrival of the new PowerRename will be the
most interesting part but the same update also adds dark mode
to appropriate screens.

FancyZones and ShortCut guide


The other two features of PowerToys are FancyZones and ShortCut
guide. FancyZone has been designed to help you work easily
with multiple apps on the screen more straightforwardly.

With this update, Microsoft is adding multi-monitor support to
FancyZone feature.


The second feature ShortCut guide displays a list of all
important Windows shortcuts on the desktop.

PowerToys is not yet available in Microsoft Store, so you will
have to grab it from Github.

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