Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Shown With Sliding Camera Module, 5G Wireless Support

Mi Mix 3
Xiaomi is apparently very excited about its upcoming Mi Mix 3 handset. it is launching soon, but in the meantime, Xiaomi’s executives are chomping (“champing,” if you’re a stickler for grammar) at the bit to let consumers know what is coming their way. We say this because Xiaomi has posted yet another photo of the unreleased phone.
The first product shot (shown above) appeared on Weibo last week, and is actually a press render. It was uploaded by Xiaomi co-founder and president Bin Lin, who went on to tip an October launch. You can clearly see in the render that Xiaomi is going for a bezel-less design. Rather than put the selfie camera on the bottom, as with past Mi phones, the render shows it sliding out from behind the handset.
Mi Mix 3 5G
Now a few days later, Xiaomi’s director of product management, Donovan Sung, posted a photograph of the actual handset (not a press render) to Twitter. “Sharing one more photo. Does anyone see anything interesting?,” Mr. Sung wrote.
Why yes, Mr. Sung, we do! The “interesting” bit he teases in his Twitter post is not the absence of a notch on the all-front display (though that is certainly notable). What he is really calling attention to is support for 5G connectivity.
This is a big deal for multiple reasons. Obviously there is the raw speed to consider, even 5G network coverage is in short supply at the moment. However, what’s really interesting is that the Mi Mix 3 could be the first true 5G handset.
We know what you’re thinking, what about the Moto Z3? We’ve held the Moto Z3 in our hands, and it will indeed support 5G wireless networks, with a caveat—it requires a Moto Mod powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 5G modem. There is not actually a 5G radio inside the handset.
Those 5G Modo Mods will be available early next year. If the Mi Mix 3 does in fact come in out October, as planned, it will likely be both the first smartphone with native 5G support, and the first 5G handset on the market.

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