Xbox One hits black screen issue, Microsoft confirms Xbox Live outage

Xbox One X
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The users are reporting that their Xbox One consoles are stuck
at the black screen and many gamers are also facing
problems when connecting to Xbox Live. The official Microsoft’s
Xbox status page confirms that there are issues
affecting Xbox Live on January 30, 2019.

This includes a mysterious black screen that shows up when
gamers turn on their consoles, preventing consoles from
operating core components such as menus and games. The users
are unable to boot to the menu and access content.

“We are aware of reports of Xbox One console startup, title
update and sign-in errors. We will keep everyone informed once
we have more information to share,” the company confirmed the
outage via their Twitter handle.

Microsoft has confirmed that all Xbox One consoles are both
affected by today’s issues and the company is deploying a fix.
It appears that the software maker today made changes to its
Xbox services and the company is rolling back the changes to
restore Xbox consoles.

Xbox One black home screen issue

Multiple users on Twitter have noted that their Xbox One isn’t
showing anything and is stuck at the black home screen. Another
user notes that they can press home to open up the side menu
but they cannot access any content.

Another user says that the X menu does work, but the console
fails to load settings or other contents. The device doesn’t
take input from the controller in some cases.

It’s important to note that you should not hard reset your Xbox
One console as it is a server-side error.

“Xbox One Users – we have identified the service causing the
black screens and working on rolling back the service change –
please be patient,” writes Xbox Insider Program head, Brad
Rosetti in a tweet.

Xbox Live is down on January 30, 2019

As noted above, Xbox Live service also remains offline today
and the company is aware of the reports.

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