Xbox 360 lives on with a surprising system update — the first in more than two years

Xbox 360 owners, Microsoft hasn’t totally forgotten about you even as it has moved on to bigger and better consoles.

Microsoft shipped the first Xbox 360 update in more than two years this week. It’s nothing major — described on the Xbox support update page as “minor bug fixes and improvements” — but it shows that the company still cares about its last-generation console even though it stopped production on it more than two years ago.

Here’s how you can see if your Xbox 360 is running the most up-to-date version of itself: First, go to the Settings hub, then select the system tile and navigate to the console settings. On the right side of that menu is a grey pane showing which version of the operating system the machine is running. The new update is OS version 2.0.17526.0.

Embracing its past has long been a distinguishing characteristic of Microsoft’s Xbox lineup as it battles Sony’s PlayStation and the smash hit Nintendo Switch. Thanks to Microsoft’s big bet on backwards compatibility, Xbox One features the ability to play classic Xbox 360 titles as well as games that date back all the way to the original Xbox.

Even though it is no longer in active production, you can still find Xbox 360 units nearly 13 years after its original release. Places like Gamestop sell them for $70 a pop, quite a deal if Microsoft continues to pay some attention to the device.

Editor’s Note: GeekWire Reporter Nat Levy and Editor Todd Bishop are both proud Xbox 360 owners.

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