World War Z Gameplay Trailer Goes Heavy on the Undead

World War Z Gameplay Trailer Goes Heavy on the Undead

May 25, 2018Written by Bradley Russell

While it’s missed the boat in terms of any movie tie-in prospects, World War Z has shown it’s not exactly shambling its way towards release. Debuting an explosive gameplay trailer that has hints of Left 4 Dead, Days Gone, and a bit of Metro 2033 thrown in for good measure, the World War Z gameplay won’t win any prizes for originality, but it’s looking like an entertaining undead romp all the same.

First revealed at The Game Awards 2017 and being developed by Saber Interactive, World War Z promises four-player co-op gameplay across a series of locations around the world. The first main locale, judging by the trailer, is Moscow, where even the Iron Curtain and wintry conditions can’t stop the onrush of the lightning-fast freakers bounding towards the group of survivors below.

Mother Russia isn’t the only place where you’ll be slaying the living undead, though. World War Z aims to go truly global, as the trailer hints at a New York via an abandoned subway tunnel, a lab strikingly similar to the one from the 2013 movie, and what looks like a museum rapidly filling up with zombies. No Brad Pitt in sight, however. For shame.

Elsewhere, the basic mechanics are looking solid and the frame rate (thankfully) holding steady. If World War Z sneaks in ahead of Days Gone, it might just steal some thunder from right under the noses of SIE Bend Studio. If nothing else, it could fill the hole in our hearts where Left 4 Dead used to be.

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