WoA for Lumia 950 XL makes progress, now has a better calling UI

Windows 10 on Lumia 950 XL

The arrive of Windows 10 on ARM chipsets also opened gates for
porting the operating system to Microsoft’s discontinued
Windows Phones and Android phones with flagship Snapdragon SoC.
Developers have already demoed Windows 10 ARM on Lumia 950
XL and now they’re optimizing the user interface.

The independent developers recently started work on custom
“Mobile Shell” which is designed to optimize Windows 10’s
interface on a small screen device. MobileShell based on WoA64
is still being developed and it could be released on Github in
a few days.

As per the latest update, Windows 10 ARM-based MobileShell for
Lumia 950 XL now has a better-looking calling interface. The UI
of the call dialog and page has been optimized to work better
on small-screen Lumia 950 XL.

Another developer Simon says that the project now offers a
better dialling experience and call UI now opens automatically
when you reply to a call.

He says that it’s difficult to add call history page to
MobileShell because Windows 10 cannot display the caller
identity when you receive a call.

“Call history will be hard, but it’s in the plans. it’s hard
mainly because you can’t see who’s calling when you receive a
call,” he wrote in a tweet. “What I
mean, is that there’s no way at the moment to see the phone
number that is calling you. It’s like all the calls are
anonymous,” the developer detailed the problem in another

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