Windows Updates to get a major overhaul on Windows 10 X

Windows 10X
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Windows 10 X, which is the new expression of Microsoft’s
desktop operating system, comes with a redesigned Windows
Update experience. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 X will
allow users to install feature updates in a matter of seconds,
and for the time being, the new Windows Update approach
would be limited to 10X.

Microsoft says Windows 10 X is separated from the rest of the
OS components. It maintains separation between the system
files, drivers and applications, which allows Windows 10 X to
install feature updates in an offline partition.

Windows 10 X downloads feature updates in an offline state and
files are saved in an offline partition and Microsoft migrates
the modified files to the new partition before the actual
reboot of the device.

The approach will enable new Windows updates in “less than 90
seconds”, similar to ChromeOS and Android updates.

This is a huge improvement over Windows 10 where you have to
wait a while for Windows to update, and this wastes an immense
amount of time. Windows Updates on Windows 10 Home, Pro and
Enterprise can take anywhere from 5 minutes to one hour and
multiple reboots to apply the new features.

As the OS is not directly linked to the apps and
drivers, Win32
programs will run in containers, and apps won’t be able to
make any changes to system files, which should improve the
performance of the OS and Windows Update.

Microsoft has already confirmed that Windows 10 X is
“read-only” for apps including advanced programs such as
Registry cleaners, which means users won’t be able to use
Registry cleaners and editors.

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