Windows Insiders stuck on older builds can install newer builds with help of a tool

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Microsoft today confirmed that it is working on a new tool
which will help Windows Insiders who are stuck on older preview
versions of Windows 10 to install newer builds. This news was
confirmed by the Senior Program Manager Jason Howard in a blog
post, that the company is working on a new tool which will help
users stuck on older preview builds to install latest Windows
10 builds to stay up to date.

There are currently lot of Windows Insiders who have not been
able to get the company’s latest Windows 10 version Fall
Creators update since the earlier update assistant was removed
by Microsoft.

There have been lot of Insiders who have complained of not
being able to install new builds due to the company having
changed the configurations of the PCs which can download the
latest builds.

The configuration have left lot of Insiders to remain on older
builds with no option to install the latest Windows 10 version.
To help these Insiders Microsoft is currently working on a tool
or program through which Insiders will be able to install new
builds on their PCs.

Jason Howard also confirmed that staying up to date is the best
way to take advantage of new features and help users to remain
secure. There has been no time frame revealed as to when
Microsoft plans to release the new tool but we expect the
company to make the tool available very soon since the company
is already expected to release the next Windows 10 version
Spring Creators Update to general public.

Microsoft has already suggested the use of ISO files to be a
good solution for devices that get stuck on a build as an
option but is advisable only for users who have experience in
the process. The ISO files option has also been endorsed by
Jason to have a clean install of the build till the company
releases the new tool for Insiders.

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