Windows Core OS, Andromeda and Polaris references spotted in SDK

Windows Core OS

Microsoft has been working for quite some time on the
mythical foldable device codenamed Andromeda and the
company’s new modular platform
Windows Core OS. The software giant has remained
tight-lipped on the release of Andromeda and modular operating
system, though more information emerges as work advances.

Today, Microsoft enthusiast Walking Cat has discovered evidence to
Windows Core OS, Andromeda and Polaris in latest Windows 10 SDK
confirming that such a project is still a thing. According to
findings, the latest Windows 10 preview build 17672
SDK contains references to the Windows Core OS, and composers
namely; Andromeda and Polaris.

First and foremost, Andromeda is the codename of both foldable
mobile device (hardware) and the composer (software).

Windows Core OS is a modular and true UWP-version of Windows
10. The Windows Core OS can be installed on any device
including mobile, desktop and even HoloLens. Microsoft has
already unified the kernel, and with a modular OS and UWP apps,
Microsoft’s vision of one Windows across all devices would
finally become a reality.

The Windows CShell is an important part of the modular Windows
10 project, and it will allow devices to adjust their UIs for
different tasks, devices and experiences.

Interestingly, Windows 10 build 17672 SDK also includes
references to Andromeda Device, the company’s long rumoured
foldable Courier-like model that is being developed behind the
closed doors at Microsoft.

The foldable mobile device will reportedly run on
ARM processor for always-connected connectivity and
day-long battery life.

While very little has been said on when exactly Microsoft
will unveil the rumoured Andromeda mobile device but the
reports suggest that the debut of Andromeda could take
place as soon as this year. The Andromeda is a multiple form
factor device with a foldable display, innovative hinge
and modular OS. However, Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed the
existence of such a device and all the reports are based on
information from sources.

Back in 2015, Microsoft was reportedly working on a smartphone
called Surface Phone that has probably been cancelled in favour
of a foldable tablet or mobile. Microsoft has already sunsetted
the Windows 10 Mobile operating system and the company
later decided to build Andromeda with a completely new

In the past few years, Microsoft CEO and executives have
hinted at a possible “ultimate mobile device”. If the
reports from reliable sources are believed, the foldable
Andromeda is still a thing and it could be unveiled later this
year but it’s better not to hold your breath on it.

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