Windows 11 wallpapers have also made an early appearance

Windows 11 is almost here with a
refreshed Start menu,
rounded corners, new icons, new productivity features, and
also a collection of new wallpapers.

Windows 11 wallpapers are offered in different flavours with
both light and dark variants of some wallpapers. These Windows
11 wallpapers, available for preview below, are dramatically
different from what Microsoft has been doing for the past
couple of years on Windows 10.

Personally, I’m really loving this new collection well beyond
what was offered with Windows 10 or Windows 8. As you can see
in the below gallery (compressed for the sake of loading
times), Microsoft has created “Sunrise” collections, which
seems to be another reference to the Sun Valley codename.

Windows 11 wallpapers

Likewise, Windows 11 will also include colourful wallpapers
like Captured Motion, Flow, Orbs, etc.

Luckily, some tech enthusiasts have zipped all these unreleased
wallpapers and uploaded them
to OneDrive in one single file. The file size for the entire
pack is much larger than the previews we’ve above, and
Microsoft has currently added 24 regular desktop/lock screen
wallpapers, and 8 touch keyboard wallpapers.

It’s possible that there are many wallpapers that we have not
yet seen and they’ll be published when Windows 11 launches
later this year.

Dynamic wallpapers support on Windows 11

Interestingly, these wallpapers come in two different versions
– light and dark, which seems to indicate that the company is
internally testing support for dynamic wallpapers, a feature
that was expected to debut on Windows 10X.

With Windows 10X cancelled, it’s possible that Windows 11 will
introduce some extra visual upgrade to the desktop, allowing
for the use of dynamic wallpapers. As the name suggests,
dynamic wallpapers are desktop backgrounds that change
automatically to reflect the current time of day going by the
device’s clock.

For example, Microsoft is working on Sun Valley wallpapers,
which could cycle through morning, evening and night-time.

While this isn’t confirmed, it’s possible that dynamic
wallpapers will eventually come to Windows 11, although it
isn’t certain when this will happen.

After the screenshots and preview build of the upcoming OS
surfaced online, the
Windows team’s Twitter account posted a cryptic tweet,
claiming that this is just the “Start” and they’ve more to

The company’s “What’s next for Windows” event is currently
scheduled for June 24 and official technical preview builds
will be released later this month, but the consumer release is
not expected until at least October 2021.

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