Windows 11 UI leaks, but Microsoft teaser suggests there’s more

Under the codename “Windows Sun Valley”, Windows 11 is the new
operating system from Microsoft and it makes the return of
icons on the Start Menu. Thanks to the leaked preview build,
we’ve already shared various
screenshots of the Windows 11 upcoming UI and what the
brand new Start Menu will look like.

The first look of Windows 11 reveals a Windows 10X-inspired
Start Menu and taskbar design with centered icons and buttons.
Start Menu has been completely redesigned and there’s a new
floating Start Menu experience without your traditional live
tiles, which have been around since the days of Windows 8.

It appears that there’s far more going on in the Windows 11
internal builds than just an updated Start menu redesign,
modern icons, and rounded corners. Apparently, there’s more to
Windows 11, according to a new teaser posted by Microsoft’s
social media accounts.

Windows 11 upgrade

Microsoft hasn’t responded to the leak of Windows 11 directly,
but a cryptic tweet from the Windows team’s Twitter account
suggests that the company is apparently aware of the leak and
this may not be our final look.

“This is just the Start. Tune in on June 24th
at 11 am ET to see what’s next,” Microsoft tweeted
from Windows Twitter handle.

Windows 11 new teaser

It’s worth noting that the tweet has been posted using the
“Twitter web app” instead of the usual social media management
tools used by the company, which suggests that this was not a
scheduled tweet.

While the build of Windows 11 has leaked online, it’s very
likely that it isn’t yet finished.

Windows 11 uses experience packs

If you’ve been following Windows development closely, you’re
probably aware that Microsoft has been trying to separate some
experiences from the Windows update process to develop features
independently from major OS updates.

Unlike Windows 10, Windows Sun Valley Update has been developed
using various  Windows Feature Experience Packs. These
feature packs allow Microsoft to improve Windows Shell, Windows
Search, snipping and other experiences that are developed
independently of Windows.

The leaked build is apparently not using the latest experience
packs, which are released via Windows Store (outside of the
major Windows updates).

For example, the Windows Settings app is one of the features
developed outside of Windows development. According to our
sources, the
Windows Settings app is getting a complete makeover in the
next Windows release. However, the new Settings app is not
included in the leaked build.

Windows Action Center

Likewise, the updated Action Center is also missing in the
leaked build, which could be activated using an experience

Microsoft has confirmed that it will still host an event on
June 24 to announce the next generation of Windows. It’s likely
we’ll learn more about the future of Windows then.

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