Windows 11 screenshots: Rounded corners, File Explorer, Action Center

We’ve long heard rumours about the Windows Sun Valley update
and recent teasers suggested that the apparent redesign of the
desktop operating system will be launched with Windows 11,
Microsoft’s successor to Windows 10.

Thanks to what appears to be a genuine leaked build of the new
Windows 11, we’ve got early access to the upcoming design. In
addition to the
brand new Start Menu and centred taskbar, Windows 11 also
comes with a bunch of other design improvements, such as
rounded corners and shadows.

As you can see in the below screenshots, Microsoft is rounding
off window corners for all apps including legacy menus, tools,
first-party modern apps, and third-party apps too. This will
make the whole interface seem modern, cleaner and softer.

In our tests, we observed rounded edges everywhere – like the
Control Panel, Device Manager, Disk Management, Settings
window, etc. As Microsoft has enabled system-wide rounded
corners, third-party apps like 7-Zip already support and
respect the new user interface.

These screenshots show a minimalist design, with stronger
elements of shadow effect visible in both light or dark mode.
This leak confirms that the rounded edges previously seen in
Microsoft’s internal mockup.

However, it’s worth noting that these screenshots are from a
leaked unfinished build and this is not our final look at the
next-gen operating system.

File Explorer

Windows 11 will come with the same File Explorer as part its
overhauled desktop, according to the leaked build.

File Explorer is undergoing a minor facelift in this update,
which enables touch-friendly controls in Explorer and improves
default file type icons, giving the file manager system a fresh

File Explorer UI

The window of File Explorer and navigation buttons have rounded
corners too. This is to improve the UI consistency and make
designs simpler to identify.

Unfortunately, the properties tab of File Explorer doesn’t
support dark mode, at least in the leaked build.

In addition to rounded corners and updated icons, accessing the
new File Explorer on a touchscreen device should be much easier
now. This is because Microsoft has added extra padding to make
the existing interface much more touch-friendly and easier to
use with your fingertips.

Task Manager

It looks like Task Manager is not getting a major revamp in
Windows 11.

Task Manager on Windows 11

However, it has been updated with rounded corners and minor UI

Windows Search

Windows Search interface is also getting updated with a major

Windows Search rounded corners

For example, Windows Search will now float above the taskbar
and it also comes with rounded corners to match the look and
feel of the updated Start Menu.

Context menu

We have, of course, seen rounded corners pop up in the leaked
builds when we right-click anywhere.

Windows 11 context menu

In fact, Microsoft has updated both classic and modern context
menu with rounded corners, and the new look is visible almost

File Explorer rounded corners

Historically, Microsoft has used rounded corners in Windows 7
and other operating systems, but with Windows 8 “Metro UI”,
Microsoft switched to a straighter look and ditched rounded
corners for sharp edges.

With Windows 11, Microsoft is returning back to the original
look and enabling rounded corners everywhere.

Action Center

As we’ve seen in preview builds, there are some minor
alterations planned for the Action Center.

The leaked Windows 11 build shows a few key UI changes to
several parts of Windows Action Center. Windows Action Center
has been updated with elements from both WinUI and Windows 10X.

Windows 11 Action Center

It doesn’t really look different from the existing Action
Center, but it’s likely that we’ll see some improvements in the
later builds and experience packs of Windows 11.

Like Windows Start Menu and Search, Action Center is also
expected to get a floating interface as well as the ability to
swipe up and down to open the quick settings on tablet or

Microsoft is currently planning to announce Windows 11 on June
24 and the free upgrade will be released to consumers in the

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