Windows 11 screenshots give us a first look at Android apps

Windows 11 brings a visual overhaul, a few new features/minor
additions, and it is also set to introduce native support for
Android apps. Microsoft’s Android Subsystem for Windows is
expected to enter beta testing this year and screenshots of the
unreleased feature recently leaked online.

For native Android apps support on Windows 11, Microsoft is
partnering with Amazon. The Microsoft Store and Amazon Appstore
will be integrated to deliver Android apps and users will be
able to download and install mobile apps like Pinterest, Kindle
and more.

Microsoft has been working on the Android subsystem to create a
native app-like experience between Android and Windows models
using a proxy. The company is also using its own virtual
machine for compatibility with Android Open Source Project
(AOSP), which is required when Play Store services are not

Windows 11 Android
WeChat running on Windows 11

A new leak from China
has given us a first look at Windows 11’s Android apps running
via the new subsystem.

According to posts on a Chinese forum, Microsoft is actively
testing Android Subsystem for Windows 11 and leaked screenshots
confirm rumoured features, including notification center
integration and multiple window support.

Android app leak
Chinese social media Android app on Windows 11

It also seems Windows 11’s Android subsystem could put a bigger
emphasis on multitasking and productivity, according to the

From the screenshots, we can see evidence of multi-window
support, which means users will be able to open pages of
supported apps in multiple windows.

Furthermore, Windows 11’s Android apps will act like Windows
apps allowing users to pin them to the taskbar, resize windows
and more.

Android Subsystem for Windows

In addition to leaked screenshots, there are signs that Android
apps could be coming to the Insider Channels soon. Amazon’s App
Store, which has been absent from the early test builds of
Windows 11, was
recently spotted in the Microsoft Store.

You’ll be able to download Amazon’s App Store directly from the
Microsoft Store. In a statement, Amazon officials previously
confirmed that their AppStore would be ready once Windows 11
launches, but it seems to be have been delayed to align with
Microsoft’s new schedule.

To run these apps, users will reportedly need Windows 11 Build
22000 or newer. In fact, the App Store is displayed on devices
with Build 22000 only, and it won’t work on Windows 10 October
2021 Update.

Microsoft officials recently confirmed Android apps would be
appearing in 2022, but the general availability has been
delayed until at least early 2022.

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