Windows 11 redesigns Microsoft Paint and Photos app – here’s our first look

Windows 11 Paint app redesign

A visual refresh of the MS Paint and Photos app has been
unveiled, showcasing a new modern interface that matches
Windows 11’s design language.

A new look has been long overdue for both Windows OS and
Microsoft apps, especially since the metro interface and ribbon
menu had been going stale. Thankfully, Microsoft is working on
a new design for nearly all stock apps of Windows 11. The list
includes Clock, Voice Recorder, Calculator,

Photos, and even Microsoft Paint app.

Microsoft has now quietly posted the new look of the two most
important first-party Windows apps – Paint and Photos. MS Paint
is ditching the traditional ribbon menu for a Fluent header
similar to the new File Explorer, and it’s consistent with the
rest of the Windows 11 operating system.

MS Paint for Windows 11

As you can see in the above and below images, Windows 11’s
Paint app now features a simplified toolbar. The existing
ribbon interface has been replaced with a new Fluent header and
it comes with all important options, such as “File,” “Edit,”
brushes, and more.

MS Paint new design

In the header, you will find simple icons to perform basic
tasks (such as switching between brush and pencil, copy, paste,
and more). The undo/redo buttons now appear next to the “File”
and “View” options in the header. Of course, MS Paint now
features rounded corners and WinUI controls as part of the
Windows 11 revamp.

For MS Paint, it looks like there will be no new features or
improvements, and the update is all about a fresh look.
However, we’ll likely learn more about the update later this

Photos app for Windows 11

As mentioned at the outset, we’re also getting a new Microsoft
Photos app with a new interface, improvements, and better
performance. Photos app will be getting a new editing
experience where the editing tools will float above the image,
similar to Android or iOS mobile apps.

New Windows 11 apps coming soon

Microsoft will begin rolling out updated stock apps for Windows
11 in the next several weeks for feedback from consumers.

Apart from these apps, Microsoft is working on a new Outlook
Microsoft Teams client for Windows 11, and those apps will
be based on Microsoft Edge WebViewer.

Teams 2.0 app is already available for Windows Insiders and
Microsoft’s redesigned Outlook app (preview) will be released
later this year

Microsoft is also planning to publish Windows 11 22H2 (next
year’s feature update) in the Dev Channel of the Insider
program, but new features might not be included in the initial

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