Windows 11 leak hints at Microsoft Teams integration as Skype disappears

Windows 11 Skype

Windows 11 is reportedly coming later this year with a new
design that will share some resemblance with Windows 10X. The
most noticeable changes on Windows 11 are the centered taskbar
and Start Menu layout, but there are a few other minor changes
in this leaked build too.

In the leaked build, Skype is no longer pre-installed, which
means you’re not going to see Skype anymore, although you can
still get it from the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 has also dropped support for “Meet
Now“, a taskbar tool that lets you create and attend Skype
video calls directly from the desktop. Meet Now is offered
with the Skype communication platform and it appears as a
camera button in the taskbar area, next to the Action Center or
system tray.

Skype app on Windows 11

Meet Now was integrated into Windows last year with a mandatory
security update and it allows you to quickly connect with
family and friends without sign-ups or additional downloads.

Skype Meet Now
Meet Now option removed

Indeed, there was a time when Microsoft thought that the “Meet
Now” feature was going to be important, especially during the
pandemic. Of course, to most people, the Skype Meet Now effort
was misguided, especially when the native Skype app for Windows
is not as good as it should be.

The move to integrate a Skype Meet Now into Windows 10 was
somewhat of a surprise to most of us, given the company has
pushed Microsoft Teams as its flagship communication tool and
it could replace Skype in future.

According to the leaked build, Windows 11 update will remove
the “Meet Now” button from the taskbar. However, it looks like
Microsoft hasn’t given up on the idea entirely and they’re
exploring a similar approach
on Windows 11 with Teams.

According to references found in the leaked build of Windows
11, Microsoft is working on a new feature that will eventually
replace Skype’s Meet Now button with Microsoft Teams on the
taskbar, allowing users to access their Teams conversations and
online meetings more easily.

This feature will be called “Meet & Chat” and it could mimic a
panel similar to Windows Search or dashboard to make it easier
to get in touch with colleagues/friends.

It’s unclear how Teams integration will work in Windows 11, but
it’s possible that the “Meet & Chat” screen will show a list of
all upcoming scheduled calls or option to chat in the native
Teams client.

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