Windows 11 latest update fixes a bug slowing down PCs or crashing apps

Windows 11 app crashes update

Microsoft recently acknowledged two bugs in Windows 11 that
could crash apps or slow down your entire system. With the
latest security update (KB5008215),
Microsoft has fixed the two known issues, underlining just how
serious this problem is. In its changelog for the Patch Tuesday
update, Microsoft confirmed the fix now applies to all

A bug in Windows 11, which was spotted back in August 2021,
could slow down the entire system by affecting the write or
read speeds of the storage drives. This is particularly
frustrating, as nearly all storage drives are affected and it
also leads to performance issues with apps installed in the
system drive.

If your device is affected, the storage drive could run 50%
slower with write speeds getting affected the most. On
November 22, Microsoft released an optional cumulative update
and it confirmed that the problem has been addressed under the
listed fixes, explaining that this issue affects Windows drive

“This issue occurs only when the NTFS USN journal is enabled.
Note, the USN journal is always enabled on the C: disk,”
Microsoft noted in the changelog.

With the Patch Tuesday release, Microsoft is finally rolling
out the fix to everyone running Windows 11 version 21H2. As
this is a security update, it will download and install
automatically depending on your Windows Update settings.

Microsoft fixes Windows 11 bug crashing apps

If you’ve updated to Windows 11 and you’re running into issues
when launching certain apps, you’re in luck as Microsoft has
finally fixed an odd bug crashing apps in this update.

In the release notes, Microsoft explained that it has fixed an
issue that could prevent apps, such as Kaspersky apps, from
launching. This happens when you attempt to repair or update
the apps using the Microsoft Installer (MSI).

Kaspersky has also confirmed that a Windows 11 bug affected its
antivirus on Windows 11 following the release of an update in
November. If you skip the update, Kaspersky Antivirus may no
longer work, according to the security firm.

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