Windows 11 KB5015814: Watch out for these issues in the latest update

Windows 11 KB5015814

Windows 11 KB5015814 is now available for everyone with plenty
of improvements, fixes and a few new issues. This cumulative
update brings the Windows Search highlights feature to everyone
and addresses an issue where users cannot upgrade to Windows 11
(original release) from Windows 10.

KB5015814 is a security update and it will download
automatically on your device at some point in future or when
you check for updates manually. Of course, you can pause
updates for up to a week if you’re aware of potential issues
with this particular update. Otherwise, KB5015814 is a decent
update in most cases.

Late Tuesday, Microsoft released Windows 11’s July 2022 update
security patch for version 21H2 that does not appear to change
much of anything on the surface. However, after downloading the
patch, full updated Windows 11 users have found themselves
unable to install the cumulative update.

According to reports, KB5015814 installation fails with error
messages like 0x8000ffff, 0x8007007e, and 0x80073701.

“I keep on getting an install error 0x8000ffff with this update
even after I have rebooted the computer. Not sure if I
installed KB5014668 since I don’t see it in the update list,”
one of the affected users noted in the Feedback Hub.

“Something is wrong in this update, got a boot loop. Luckily
windows managed to unfuck itself. Recommend to not install this
one,” another user noted.

On Reddit, some users have also flagged performance issues with
the Start Menu, but this doesn’t appear to be a widespread

At the moment, we’re not aware of any workaround, but you can
pause the updates to prevent installation failures. Remember
that downloading the update package from Microsoft Update
Catalog could also address the problem.

Windows 11 KB5015814 new features and fixes

KB5015814 enables support for a new feature called ‘Search
highlights’. For those unaware, search highlights started
rolling out earlier this year and it provides access to notable
or interesting moments from Microsoft Bing.

The moments can be holidays, anniversaries, and other
moments both globally and in your region. Enterprises customers
will also see updates from your organization and Windows 11
will be able to suggest people, files, and more. While the
feature is included in the patch itself, Microsoft says it may
take the “next several weeks” to surface on all PCs.

Microsoft is reportedly taking a phased and measured approach.
The availability will occur in the coming months only.

List of fixes in KB5015814:

  • Microsoft has fixed an issue where Windows 11 displays
    Japanese characters incorrectly in PowerShell.
  • Another bug has been fixed where the Cloud Clipboard
    service stops working and prevents syncing between machines.
  • A bug has been fixed where Windows 11 fails to hide the
    Windows Sandbox startup screen after Sandbox starts to run.
  • Another bug has been fixed that might cause the playback of
    consecutive video clips to fail.

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