Windows 11 KB5013943 is out- here’s everything new (direct download links)

Windows 11 KB5013943 is now rolling out to the general public
with a handful of bug fixes and improvements, but it doesn’t
come with new features. After installing the patch, more users
will see a new interface for Windows Search. The patch is being
offered via Windows Update, but you can also try direct
download links for KB5013943 offline installer.

Windows 11 KB5013943 is part of May 2022
Patch Tuesday and it is a security release, which means it
cannot be skipped, but you can delay it for a week or two.
Attempts to delay security updates multiple times may result in
the forced installation of the patch depending on Windows
Update settings.

As mentioned above, May 2022 update doesn’t appear to be a
massive release, but there are plenty of fixes worth
highlighting. According to release notes, numerous bugs have
been resolved, including an issue where Safe mode starts
flickering when you open Explorer.exe, Start menu, notification
center, etc.

KB5013943 Windows 11 update

Additionally, more users will now see Windows Search
highlights – a new interface search interface powered by Bing.
This feature is rolling out in stages and more people get
access to search highlights after every major Windows
cumulative update, so it’s likely that more users will see the
update after installing the patch.

If you check for Windows 11 updates, you’ll see the following

2022-05 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based
Systems (KB5013943)

Download Links for Windows 11 KB5013943

Windows 11 KB5013943 Direct Download Links: 64-bit.

You can visit the above link to open Microsoft Update Catalog
and then click on the download button next to the appropriate
Windows 11 version. Once done, click on the .msu link to begin
the download.

Windows 11 KB5013943 (Build 22000.675) important

Windows 11 Build 22000.675 fixes a critical bug that crashes
apps based on .NET Framework 3.5. As you’re probably aware, a
Windows 11 bug prevented certain apps from opening and this
issue was recently acknowledged by the tech giant.

As per the company, it only affects apps that use certain
optional components in .NET Framework 3.5, such as Windows
Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow components.

A bug has been fixed that might cause Windows 11 screen to
flicker (blink) if you use Windows Safe. This is noticeable
when you open components that rely on explorer.exe, such as
Explorer, the Start menu, and the taskbar. Apps in safe mode
might be affected and appear unstable.

Microsoft is preparing Windows 11 Sun Valley 2

These cumulative updates are currently focusing on bug fixes
only, but the tech giant has already started working on the
next update – version 22H2 ‘Sun Valley 3’. According to
sources, Windows 11’s big update for 2022 –
known as 22H2 – is now set to hit RTM status by the end of

For those unaware, RTM stands for ‘Release to
Manufacturers’, and it means shipping the bits of the
forthcoming Windows 11 update to the OEM partners. By declaring
RTM status, Microsoft can encourage OEMs to prepare their
upcoming and existing devices for Windows 11 version 22H2.

Remember that Windows 11 22H2 development is still ongoing, but
the focus is now entirely on fixing bugs and improving existing
features. The rumour of RTM build does make sense as the latest
preview builds have dropped the preview watermark from the
desktop, suggesting that the next update is imminent.

Microsoft says the absence of a watermark “doesn’t mean we’re
done”, but Windows 11 22H2 is moving to RTM internally and the
candidate could be finalized by the end of May. If it misses
the May deadline, RTM could well happen in early June.

22H1 could still arrive sooner than later this year, with
public release likely in September or October 2022. We don’t
know anything for sure as Microsoft won’t communicate about
these changes in advance, but we know that Windows 11 Sun
Valley 2 is an anniversary update, so it should come out by

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