Windows 11 KB5010414 accidentally hides Start Menu, Microsoft responds

Windows 11 Start menu hides

It looks like Windows 11’s
February 2022 optional update (KB5010414) fail is causing
misery for some users, with people taking to the Feedback Hub
to complain that after installing the update, their Start menu
starts to behave in a weird way.

Although the Start Menu is not flexible in Windows 11, it still
allows users to quickly access the installed apps. The Start
menu isn’t broken in Windows 11 KB5010414 update, but users
have reported that the menu automatically hides when they hover
over icons pinned to the taskbar.

According to Microsoft officials, this is not a ‘bug’. In fact,
it is a design feature. Starting with KB5010414, Windows 11’s
widgets board is now pinned to the left side of the taskbar and
it can be launched when you hover over the icon. This seems to
be causing a conflict where Start opens and then closes

Start Menu hides

The start menu apparently closes as soon as the cursor is moved
near the left side of the taskbar even when users are not
trying to interact with the widgets board.

“It is because if the cursor goes over widgets icon it closes
the Start menu because it thinks you want to open the widget
menu, it should only close the start menu when the Widget menu
opens,” one user noted in the Feedback Hub and there are
similar reports on social media.

In a reply to the feedback post, Microsoft posted the following

We’re working on this, but we believe passing over the
widgets icon as you move your mouse might be what’s causing
this. We’d recommend carefully avoiding it as you move your
mouse into the Start menu as a workaround for now.

In another post, Microsoft confirmed they made changes in
preview builds to address a problem where the Start menu opens
and then closes when the cursor is moved.

Windows 11 KB5010414 breaks the Start menu

It seems the new Windows 11 update isn’t just messing with the
Stat menu. Some users have also been experiencing issues with
the taskbar where it will either not load or appear

Users have taken to Reddit and Microsoft’s
Feedback Hub forum to complain about the Start Menu and

“After installing KB5010414, a number of applications started
covering the taskbar when maximized (Chrome, Teams, Edge). MS
Office applications did not cover the taskbar, but the bottom
of these apps was hidden behind the taskbar,” one user wrote in
the forum.

Based on details we received from our readers, it’s possible
that taskbar improvements in KB5010415 could be to blame.

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