Windows 11 KB5008295 fixes Snipping Tool crashes and more

Windows 11 KB5008295

Snipping Tool and other apps began experiencing crashes on
Windows 11 this week, the software giant announced the reports
and offered a workaround. Today, Microsoft has released a minor
update KB5008295 for Windows 11 intended to
fix the underlying issue behind these Snipping Tool crashes.

On October 31, a Microsoft’s digital certificate, which powers
various services on Windows 11, expired. When the digital
certificate stop authenticating requests, many Windows 11 users
discovered that Snipping Tool started crashing with an error
message stating “This app can’t open”.

Windows 11 KB5008295 is now available and it addresses a bug
that closed Snipping Tool, Settings and other features
completely on some systems. Users also reported that they were
no longer able to use their Windows 11 in S Mode devices
properly as features like virtual keyboard and emoji or
clipboard panel were crashing.

Fortunately, Microsoft has also addressed a known issue
affecting Windows Settings and other pages on devices running
S-mode only edition of Windows 11.

How to install KB5008295

Unfortunately, KB5008295 is available to testers in the Beta
and Release Preview Channels only. If you wish to install the
emergency patch, you’ll need to join the Windows Insider
program and select “Release Preview Channel”, and check for

KB5008295 update

The update is expected to exit beta testing in a few days and
the fix could be bundled with November 2021 Patch Tuesday
update for Windows 11.

According to official release notes, this patch fixes a known
issue that prevented users from accessing certain built-in apps
or services on Windows 11. This issue was flagged by users over
the weekend and it seems to stem from a digital certificate
that expired October 31, 2021.

Installing the emergency patch should also address problems
when using Touch Keyboard, Voice Typing, Emoji Panel, IME UI,
Tips app, and other bugs that prevented critical areas of
Windows 11 like Start Menu and Settings app from opening on
S-mode machines.

It’s worth noting that the update won’t change bump the
system’s build number or version number. To confirm this hotfix
is applied to your system, open Windows Settings > Windows
Update > Update history.

How to deal with Windows 11 crashes without installing Insider

If the Snipping Tool is not crashing on your device, you can
Windows 11 KB5006746 instead, which is available as an
optional update. Windows 11 KB4006746 is part of the October
2021 Patch cycle and fixes most of the issues, but Snipping
Tool remains broken for some.

In this case, you can simply change the system date to October
31 and then revert to the latest date to resolve issues with
Snipping Tool.

Microsoft has suggested another workaround, where users can use
the famous keyboard shortcut (WIN+Shift+S) or Print Screen key
to capture the screenshot and paste it into their document or
MS Paint.

It’s certainly not an ideal experience, but the workaround
appears to be working for everyone.

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