Windows 11 issues: Microsoft confirms widespread app crashes

Windows 11 app crashes

Another day, another bug has been found in Windows 11. As we
explained in our report earlier today, a
Windows 11 bug is crashing Snipping Tool (snippingtool.exe)
with a cryptic “This app can’t open” error. Microsoft has now
confirmed that an expired certificate is causing issues
for users.

Windows 11 comes with massive improvements for inbox apps like
Settings and Snipping Tool. Both apps have been updated with
WinUI design improvements, but the update also includes a
series of issues that some users and even Microsoft are coming
across these days.

In an update to the feedback hub, Microsoft has confirmed that
it’s aware of a bug crashing apps like Snipping Tool and
Settings on Windows 11. Snipping Tool, which has been
refreshed for Windows 11 with a new design and approach, simply
crashes after Microsoft’s digital certificate expired.

But as it turns out, Windows 11 apps crashing bug is not
limited to Snipping Tool. The issue appears to be quite
widespread and it affects these apps:

  • Settings’ accounts page and landing page.
  • Touch Keyboard, Voice Typing, and Emoji Panel.
  • Input Method Editor user interface.
  • Getting started and Tips.

“For the time being, using WIN + PrintScreen, ALT +
PrintScreen, or WIN + G, are alternative options if you need to
take screenshots – the first will save a full screen screenshot
in a Screenshots folder in your Pictures library, the second
will copy a screenshot of the window in focus to your
clipboard, and the third will open the Xbox Game Bar which can
do a number of things including screenshots and recording while
gaming,” Microsoft said.

While no official fix has been deployed, it looks like
Microsoft is working on a fix and more details could be shared

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