Windows 11 is getting Spotify integration with Focus Sessions feature

Windows 11 Focus Sessions

Windows 11 was announced in June and users can try it out by
joining the Windows Insider program. Several key features are
part of the Windows 11 RTM Build 22000, including the revamped
Start menu, notifications center, widgets, and more. According
to Microsoft, more features are yet to come, such as
support for Android apps and an improved Snipping Tool

Back in July, Microsoft’s Windows Developer account hinted
at new features. According to Panos Panay,
Windows 11 will be getting an improved Snipping Tool later this
year. In addition to Snipping Tool, Microsoft is also
working on a new feature called “Focus Sessions”.

During the Inspire 2021 conference, Microsoft explained that
Windows 11 has been optimized for hybrid working, and it will
ship with new features to optimize the operating system for
productivity. With Focus Sessions, Microsoft plans to deliver
a suite of functions to help you concentrate.

Focus Sessions To-Do

Its core feature is a timer, which you can use to stay focused.
Focus Sessions will be part of the Clock app (previously called
Alarms & Clock) and it will come with To-Do and Spotify
integration. By default, focus sessions will be of 30 minutes

As you can see in the above and below images, you need to pick
a task from your Microsoft To-Do list. When working, you can
also pick your favourite music from Spotify, which will be
built right into the operating system’s Clock app, so any task
wouldn’t feel too onerous.

Windows 11 Spotify integration

After that time is up, you can take a break and focus on the
second task. This makes it easy to focus on a task in small
bursts, and it’s easier when know you’ll have a break soon.

Microsoft is also working on a dashboard that would let you
review reports, track your progress, and visualize how you’re
spending your focus sessions.

The focus sessions feature is part of Microsoft’s inbox app
update and it will be delivered to testers in the Insider
program soon, according to
Microsoft itself.

Windows 11 to get new inbox apps and features via Store

Some Windows 11 features/new apps are still in the pipeline and
they’ll be delivered to users via Microsoft Store in the coming

As mentioned at the outset, Microsoft’s own Windows Developer
account previously suggested on Twitter that “there’s much more
to come” in a discussion about Windows 11 features.

According to the company itself, Windows 11 free upgrade will
be released in the fall of the year. The
company hasn’t provided too much information on the release
date, but we know it’s coming in October or November.

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