Windows 11 is getting a new keyboard shortcut to mute or unmute mic

Windows 11 new keyboard shortcut

Microsoft recently released Windows 11 preview update with a
new taskbar feature that lets you quickly mute and unmute the
mic. Additionally, Microsoft has introduced a new experimental
feature that lets you
share content from other apps to Microsoft Teams on Windows
11 while in a meeting.

Windows 11’s most recent build also includes a new keyboard
functionality that will allow you to mute or unmute your
device’s microphone with just one click. At the moment, the
keyboard shortcut Win + Alt + K only works in Microsoft Teams
and it can also be toggled by clicking on a microphone icon
showing up in the system tray.

Initially, this universal Windows 11 mute feature required
users to manually click on the microphone icon on the taskbar.
The icon appears next to the WiFi or ethernet, volume, and
battery icons, and you can simply click on it to mute and
unmute the mic in just a second.

Taskbar mute toggle

“You can see your call audio status, what app is accessing your
microphone, and quickly mute and unmute your call at any time,”
Microsoft said.

Windows 11 keyboard shortcut

Microsoft has updated the taskbar’s mute toggle with support
for a new keyboard shortcut WIN + Alt + K. To use Windows 11’s
new mute feature, simply press WIN + Alt + K to make it happen.

As mentioned at the outset, you will need to be in an app that
supports the mute button for it to work. At the moment, only
Microsoft Teams is supported, but Microsoft says third-party
apps will also gain support for Windows 11’s new taskbar mute

Other improvements coming to the taskbar

Microsoft is also working on a new taskbar feature that will
allow users to share contents in Microsoft Teams meeting
directly from the taskbar. This will eliminate the need to
manually switch between windows in the Teams meeting and users
will be able to focus on their meetings in Teams.

Additionally, Microsoft is internally testing support for
taskbar drag-and-drop, but this feature is expected in the next
big Windows update only.

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