Windows 11 comes with a new Microsoft Photos app – here’s our first look

Like other operating systems, Windows has always had ways of
viewing and editing photos, and the experience was upgraded
with the Microsoft Photos app for Windows. With Windows 11,
Microsoft is redesigning the built-in Photos app with
much-needed performance and UI improvements.

Windows 11 will update the Photos app with a new viewing
experience, editing features, Fluent Design, WinUI controls,
rounded corners, and more.

Photos app, which would be set up as the default image viewer
in Windows 11, will allow you to explore collection, album, and
folders. The Collection feature remains unchanged, and it will
show your most recent photos and screenshots, organized in
proper order by date.

New Photos app

Albums are also generated automatically using Microsoft’s UI
technology, but users can always customize the experience with
their own albums.

Based on the above screenshot, it looks the Microsoft Photos
app is getting a floating menu with editing controls. We don’t
know if there’ll be any new editing features, but you can
expect the app to ship with all features available on Windows

Photos app

For example, this new floating menu will help you use the + and
– buttons to zoom in and out, which can also be done with the
mouse wheel.

At the bottom of the window, there’ll be a new slider that will
help you navigate between different photos stored in a
particular album, collection or your entire pictures folder.

Windows 11 first-party apps now feature a cleaner UI

In addition to the Photos app, Microsoft has also confirmed
that it’s working on a new File Explorer and
Windows Settings design. Similar to the Photos app,
Explorer and Settings app getting a simplified navigation
experience and new icons for most of the in-built buttons.

File Explorer,
Paint and Notepad, Microsoft is replacing the header ribbon
(which is found at the top of the app) with a new Fluent Design
header featuring a single row of actions and new icons.

Windows first-party apps interface is now cleaner, thanks to
the proper implementation of acrylic transparency, Fluent
icons, and rounded corners.

We’re also expecting a new Groove Music app and Outlook client,
but it’s unclear if these apps will debut this year.

According to sources,
Microsoft is working on a unified web-based Outlook app
that will offer better performance and enable rounded corners
to give it a more minimal and modern look. In addition to
visual improvements, the new Outlook client will also ship with
organization explorer for enterprise customers.

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