Windows 11 Build 22518 preview is rolling out with new features

Windows 11 Build 22518

Windows 11 Build 22518 is now available for all testers in the
Dev Channel. Unlike the previous updates, Build 22518 actually
comes with new features and a long list of improvements for key
areas of the OS, including File Explorer, navigation, and more.

This update is titled “Windows 11 Insider Preview 22518.1000
(rs_prerelease)” and users can grab it from Microsoft servers
by simply checking for updates. It’s worth noting that new
preview features in this release are not tied to a specific
Windows release like 22H2 (October 2022 Update).

That’s because Dev Channel is used for the active development
branch which is codenamed “Nickel” at the moment. It’s
important to understand these test builds are generally buggy
and you will have the opportunity to leave the beta program and
return to the stable version of Windows when the changes you’re
testing becomes part of a specific release.

If it’s been more than 10 days since you joined the program and
it is no longer possible to switch back to the stable build,
you will need to reinstall the OS using
Windows 11 ISO images or Media Creation Tool. Microsoft
warns that a clean install will erase apps and some files on
your computer.

Spotlight collection in Build 22518

As we reported earlier this year, Microsoft has been working on
Windows Spotlight support for the desktop. Right now, you can
use the Spotlight collection to refresh the lock screen art
regularly with new beautiful pictures from around the world,
and also view fun facts about each picture.

With Windows 11 Build 22518, Microsoft is bringing the same
experience to the desktop. To get started, you will need to
right-click on the desktop, and select “Personalize”.

This will open the “Personalization” tab in the Settings app,
and you will need to choose “Background” under the “Personalize
your background” dropdown. If you followed the steps
correctly, you should be able to enable Spotlight collection

Once done, the Windows desktop will automatically refresh with
new desktop pictures. At the end of the day, Microsoft will
replace the picture with a collection of up to five pictures
from around the world.

Like lock screen, you can also hover over the Spotlight icon on
the desktop to learn more about the picture. You can even
right-click on the Spotlight icon to submit feedback or change
the picture.

Build 22518 spotlight feature

If you want to learn more about the topic, just double-click on
the Spotlight icon to launch the knowledge panel in Microsoft

Microsoft is currently testing the feature in the following
locations: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia,
India, Japan, Korea, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Spain,
Sweden, Norway and more countries will be added over time.

Voice Access

Microsoft is introducing a new Voice Access experience for
Windows 11.

Based on the company’s machine learning and on-device speech
recognition technology, Windows 11’s Voice Access will allow
users to open and switch between apps, browse the web, and read

Windows 11 Voice Access

Microsoft says it will only support English-U.S. Your Windows
display language should be set to English-U.S for this feature
to work. If your device is in a different region or if you use
English U.K, this feature may not work properly.

Other improvements in Windows 11 Build 22518:

  • Microsoft is rolling out new personalized emoji. These new
    emojis will be based on the face and skin tones of family
    members, and they can be customized by the user. Microsoft is
    also rolling out emojis for couples with hearts, kissing, and
    people holding hands.
  • You can now display the clock and date on the taskbar of
    the secondary monitor.
  • Microsoft is adding a new extra-large candidate height
    option for IME users.
  • Microsoft is making some changes to address an issue where
    an invisible window frame could prevent search inputs. In some
    cases, Windows Search’s recent searches flyout could end up
    stuck on the screen.
  • Windows Search’s result searches flyout will now have a
    tooltip describing its purpose.
  • Fixed issues resulting in Windows Search crashes.

How to install Windows 11 Build 22518

To install Windows 11 Build 22518, try these steps:

  1. If you’re on stable build or Windows 11 or Windows 10,
    visit Windows Settings and open the
    Windows Insider Program tab.
  2. Switch to the Dev Channel.
  3. Click on “Check for updates“.
    Windows 11 Build 22518 update
  4. The update will appear download. Click on the “Download &
    install” button.
  5. Once done, click on “Restart now”.

Known issues in Build 22518 for Windows 11

Microsoft is aware of these known issues in Build 22518:

  • A bug could crash DWM. When this happens, your screen will
    flash repeatedly.
  • The network icon will automatically disappear from the
    taskbar. This can be fixed by restarting Explorer.exe.
  • Windows Search panel may not open. Restart the “Windows
    Explorer” process to make it work again.
  • Widgets board may appear black or render in incorrect

Other improvements

In addition to the new preview update,
Microsoft has also published a new version of Notepad with
support for dark more and other improvements.

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