Windows 11 Build 22494 updates taskbar with a new feature

Windows 11 taskbar update

Now that Windows 11 has been released to consumers, Microsoft
has started working on the next version of the operating
system. With the release of Windows 11 Build 22494, Microsoft
is introducing a new taskbar feature that would allow users to
mute and unmute their apps.

The latest update is called “Windows 11 Insider Preview 22494
(rs_prerelease)” and it’s available for devices in the Dev
Channel of the Windows Insider Program. It comes with a good
set of fixes for some annoying bugs in the operating system. Of
course, it has its own share of known issues, which will be
fixed in a future flight.

If you’re planning to test Windows 11 Dev builds in virtual
machines, make sure you’ve turned on TPM. For those unaware,
newer builds have TPM requirements in Virtual Machines, meaning
Windows 11 builds will be blocked if you are running the
operating system in a virtual machine without enabling TPM,
encryption and secure boot.

Windows 11 Build 22494 adds a new mute and unmute toggle to the
taskbar for Microsoft Teams. This new feature seems to be based
on the “universal mute” button teased during the Windows event,
but it is currently limited to Microsoft Teams for work and
personal accounts.

Windows 11 universal mute

Starting with today’s preview update, you can finally mute and
unmute your microphone directly from the taskbar and avoid
embarrassing moments when using Teams. When you’re in a Teams
meeting, you’ll find a new microphone icon on the taskbar,
allowing users to see the audio status and quickly mute and
unmute the call.

The icon will be present when you’re actively in a Teams
meeting and it’s always accessible, but it won’t work with
third-party apps, at least for now.

Microsoft has promised that other communication apps like Zoom
and Skype can also add this capability to their apps if they
wish to use Windows 11’s upcoming universal mute feature.

Improvements in Windows 11 Build 22494

Microsoft is experimenting with snap groups in Alt + Tab and
Task View. This would appear when you hover open apps on the
taskbar, but it’s currently rolling out to a small subset of
testers and most of the users won’t have access to Windows 11’s
new Alt + Tab snap group integration.

Build 22494 updates Windows Settings > Apps > Default
apps page with a new dropdown menu containing options of the
current search query. This would make it easier for users to
search for file types or link types.

Additionally, Microsoft is now allowing users to launch
installed apps settings app using ms-settings:installed-apps.

Windows 11 Build 22494 also comes with these improvements:

  • Windows taskbar has been updated and tooltips/previews will
    no longer appear in random places on the desktop. This bug was
    particularly noticed when hovering over volume, battery,
    network, etc. on the taskbar.
  • Microsoft has addressed an issue that results in unexpected
    duplication of taskbar icons.

How to install Windows 11 Build 22494

To install Windows 11 Build 22494, use these steps:

  1. Join the Dev Channel or sign up for the program
  2. Check for updates manually.
  3. The update will begin downloading automatically.
  4. To begin the installation, click on Install/download”
    now followed by “restart now”.

In addition to today’s update, Microsoft has confirmed
a bug that could crash apps like Snipping Tool on Windows

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