Windows 10X: What’s new in the next version of Windows 10

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Microsoft’s highly-anticipated
Windows 10X is launching on single-screen devices such as
laptops, 2-in-1s and notebooks soon.

Windows 10X offers a new layout, which includes a redesigned
Start menu, taskbar tweaks, and there’s also an overhauled
Action Center experience. The 10X will have another special
feature called ‘Compose mode’, which can transform the user
interface into a more productivity-friendly interface.

While Windows 10X appears to be a new Windows 10 “experience”,
it’s actually a lot more than that, as it will do many basic
functions differently than Windows 10 does.

User interface

Windows 10X looks different but what you expect about Windows
still works. It still has a taskbar, a File Explorer, and a
Start menu (Launcher), but there are some tweaks that
incorporate elements of traditional Windows experience and
mobile OSes.

Windows 10X desktop

The app icons are center-aligned on the screen and Start menu
has moved from the bottom left hand corner of the screen toward
the center.

Dynamic wallpapers

Windows 10X also comes with dynamic wallpapers, a new feature
that would change wallpapers on various factors, including the
time of the day.

In 10X, there is at least one mountain-view wallpaper with
“morning, afternoon, evening, and night variants” that would
change based on time in your region.

It’s read-only, allows trusted-signed apps

You can edit, access and delete some system files on Windows 10
and customize the operating system with Windows Registry or
change the look of the taskbar with third-party apps.

Windows 10X, on the other hand, is designed in a locked-down
mode. It can only run trusted apps downloaded from Windows
Store or even outside the marketplace if those apps have a
“good reputation”.

You can run apps downloaded from a random website, USB driver
or another location, but the app should be trusted, signed and
maintain a good reputation.

Registry cleaners


Windows 10X does not allow users to ‘optimize’ Windows Registry
or run registry cleaners.

The apps within Windows 10X would only be able to access
certain libraries. For example, a music app such as Groove
would be able to access your media contents only as the OS
requires apps to use a clear set of APIs.

Also, you cannot edit Windows Registry to make Windows work
better. Registry fiddling and cleaners are simply no-op (no

No anti-malware software

Microsoft Defender on Windows

Windows 10X is read-only and it can only run the signed and
trusted applications. This would remove the need for
anti-malware, antivirus applications such as Windows Defender.

It’s not yet known whether Microsoft plans to remove Windows
Defender or reduce its capabilities in Windows 10X.


The typical PC hardware including keyboards, mouse,
touchscreen, printers should work as expected within the
operating system, but the privacy controls within the system
would limit the behaviour of certain hardware unless allowed by
the user.

The privacy-sensitive hardware such as the camera, microphone
or your fingerprint scanner will be impacted by these
limitations. For Win32 apps, there are no per-app permissions.
In other words, if you turn off camera or microphone access for
Win32 platform, all Win32 apps will not have access to the
camera or mic.

The broad limitations will only apply to the Win32 apps.

Limitations: No File Explorer, Win32 tweakers

Modern File Explorer

The system tray applets won’t be allowed. Also, you cannot use
third-party Win32 applications to customize File Explorer with
add-in or extensions.

Apps that sit in the system tray are no longer supported. Such
apps must be updated and moved elsewhere within Windows.

App updates

When you update the modern apps on Windows 10X, the operating
system will compare the hashes of each of the components
against the update.

During the comparison, if a particular area of an app is left
untouched, that particular component won’t be downloaded again
to save your bandwidth. As a result, app updates will be faster
and smaller on Windows 10X.

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