Windows 10X features could come as separate downloads

Windows 10X

Windows 10X is Microsoft’s latest attempt to unify experiences
across all form factors. In some ways, Windows 10X feels like a
light version of Windows 10 with a mix of phone and tablet

Some UI components of Windows 10X are similar to what you’ll
see in Windows 10 proper and the OS looks pretty enough.
Windows 10X’s Start menu looks like Android’s app drawer with a
neat arrangement of icons and Windows 10’s tiled interface is
completely gone.

Start menu has a Windows Search box without any Cortana
integration and Microsoft has also recreated Action Center
experience. The other intriguing characteristics of the new OS
include a
faster way of handling desktops apps and lightning-fast

Microsoft says Windows 10X won’t require more than
90 seconds to update your PC and updates will take place in
the background. It appears that Microsoft is also planning a
major overhaul of how new features are delivered to Windows
with 10X.

Microsoft plans to provide OS features as separate downloads
from the Microsoft Store, rather than a single Windows Update
package. The tech giant has already published a new app called
“Windows 10X Feature Experience Pack” on the Microsoft Store
and it’s basically the “downloadable” part of Windows.

Windows 10X Feature Experience Pack

Microsoft will release new features directly from the Microsoft
Store, rather than pushing out a major OS update. Microsoft
hasn’t had much luck with recent Windows 10 updates and the new
approach could address botched update concerns.

Microsoft could also make extra features available via separate
download in a bid to make Windows faster.

Microsoft has also promised that Windows 10X OS and app updates
will be clean and tidy to reduce degradation of performance,
which means the performance you’ll see on the first day will
stay with you for the lifetime of the device.

Windows 10X is currently optimized for dual-screen devices
only, but
some developers have managed to run it on real hardware
such as the MacBook, Lenovo ThinkPad and Surface Go.

Windows 10X is still in the early phase of development and you
can expect to hear more about the OS as 2020 progresses.

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