Windows 10’s Your Phone app is getting better in the next update

Windows 10’s Your Phone app is an excellent way to bridge the
gap between your computer and smartphone. After Windows Phone
and Continuum efforts failed, Microsoft settled upon an app
that allows you to send, receive and manage your mobile device
content right from your desktop.

Microsoft hopes that Your Phone will eventually evolve into
something even bigger, such as a productivity suite. The Your
Phone app also allows you to view the photos stored in your
phone, but the Photos component of Your Phone is missing one
key feature – the ability to empty your gallery.

For some reasons, Your Phone app doesn’t allow you to delete
photos stored in your Android phone even when the devices are
connected via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in an unlocked state with
photos app open.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed the requirements that need to be in
place for the Your Phone app to delete your mobile phones, but
in a new update rolling out to the Insiders, Microsoft has
quietly enabled the option that lets you delete the photos.

Note that Microsoft has always allowed users to delete the
photos downloaded via the Your Phone using the Windows 10
Photos app, but you cannot delete a photo stored in your
Android phone due to API limitations.

Your Phone photos delete

After the next update, you can soon select photos and delete
them without touching your mobile device. Similarly, you can
also right-click each photo to delete it, copy, save or share.

The Photos component of Your Phone app places a grid of
pictures taken with your Android handset and it provides a
better look at junk images, which should help you free up your
mobile storage easily.

In the next update, Your Phone app is also gaining support to
run the app at startup, which is a feature that allows Windows
10 to load the app when you enter your login credentials.

Notably, this move comes just a few weeks after Microsoft
started working on a new feature in
Windows 10 that will trigger startup apps alert when an app is
added to the startup programs list.

By allowing Your Phone app to launch automatically at login,
you could improve the overall performance and reliability of
the app.

Your Phone app startup

When the Your Phone is allowed to run at startup, you’ll be
able to access the app and synced content faster without having
to wait for the app and its processes to launch in the

This approach makes perfect sense given the app is deeply
integrated into Windows 10.

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