Windows 10’s user profile bug gets a new workaround

In the past few months, Microsoft has had a rotten run of
Windows 10 updates. As many people have complained, Windows
10’s each new release seemingly breaks more things than it
fixes and the latest update has introduced a critical bug that
hides user’s profile folder.

Windows 10’s cumulative update fail has seemingly broken
Microsoft’s user profile system – a pretty important part of
the OS as a user profile contains files from desktop, documents
and other locations.

It has been widely reported that KB4532693 could boot Windows
10 with a temporary user profile and files from desktops are
removed. Microsoft support employees told us that the Redmond
firm is aware of the bugs and it appears that there’s another
workaround that could restore the user profile.

“Microsoft is aware of some customers logging into temporary
profile after installing KB4532693, on both versions 1903 and
1909,” Microsoft said.

According to an MVP, Microsoft recommends users to reboot into
Safe Mode before booting in normal mode to resolve the problem.

“You may uninstall any secure banking software or anti-virus in
the temporary profile which may resolve this if the above steps
do not help,” the post reads.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft has yet to acknowledge the
mess in its official documents and offer a fix to affected

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