Windows 10’s update may come with new Bluetooth features

In preview builds of Windows 10, Microsoft is experimenting
with new Bluetooth technology. The most recent preview build
include references to Bluetooth EATT, which is a new feature
that aims to improve the performance of the Bluetooth

Microsoft has changed the way it is testing Windows 10 updates
with Insiders. Fast Ring releases are no longer tied to a
specific Windows 10 feature update, which means we don’t know
when Bluetooth improvements will roll out to the general
public. It may end up in Windows 10’s Fall 2020 update or in
some other new feature updates.

In Windows 10 Build 19541 or newer, there are signs of work to
support Enhanced Attribute protocol (EATT), a new technology
introduced with Bluetooth 5.2. References to
‘BluetoothEattPdus’ and ‘BluetoothGattRobustCaching’ were
in Windows 10 builds, but the new feature cannot be enabled at
the moment.

Unlike Bluetooth 5.0, version 5.2 isn’t a huge leap with a lot
of changes, but EATT could significantly improve performance.

Enhanced Attribute protocol (EATT) is an improved version of
the Attribute Protocol (ATT) and it also includes improvements
for the Generic Attribute Profile (GATT). In Bluetooth 5.2,
GATT performs more aggressive caching to allow connections to
happen faster at reduced power usage.

It also leads to reduced end-to-end latency and you can expect
improvements in audio devices. From the security point of view,
EATT works over an encrypted connection and it has security
advantages over ATT.

The current state of Windows Updates

Microsoft has finalized
Windows 10’s 20H1 update and the company is working on
20H2. Unlike 20H1,
this year’s fall update could be a service pack-like
release with a strong focus on bug fixes.

Microsoft is also working on an unknown Windows 10 update and
Windows 10 X, but the specifics are not known at the moment.

The next feature update for Windows 10, known as 2004, could be
released to the mainstream users later this spring. Microsoft
will roll out the cumulative-update-style 20H2 feature update
for Windows 10 in the second half of this year.

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