Windows 10’s upcoming taskbar newsfeed to get full-page personalization UI

Windows 10 taskbar UI

For the past few months, Microsoft has been working on an
optional feature called “News and Interests” that will show
Google Discover-like news and interests-based stories on your
taskbar. In addition to news, Microsoft will also display
detailed weather information.

This feature is part of the Windows Search and Shell, and it
can be updated via smaller Windows Updates. In fact, Microsoft
is also able to improve the basic user interface and add minor
new features via server-side updates, which are pushed using
the Windows Search service.

In the latest update for Windows 10’s taskbar newsfeed,
Microsoft is introducing support for a full-fledged
personalization panel. To access the new personalization menu,
you need to click on the “Manage interests” button that will
launch Microsoft Edge to help users select the topics that
they’re interested in.

Taskbar newsfeed

As you can see in the screenshots, you can view the
personalization page by clicking on the “Get started” button.
On the next screen, you can click on the “My interests” option
to customize the feed with topics and publishers you want to
follow. For example, you can update the newsfeed to include
news from entertainment, sports, and other categories.

Taskbar newsfeed interests

If you select a topic and click on follow button, you’ll see
more stories about it. If you don’t like a story, you can
right-click to hide it.

There’s also a new “My interests” page, which has been designed
to tune your feed by adding publishers from Microsoft’s news
network. The featured publishers include Fast Company,
Bloomberg CNN, Fox News, and more.

Taskbar newsfeed settings

If you change your mind, you can always manage the publishers
from the “Followed Publishers” menu on the left navigation

Remember that you need to use Microsoft Edge (Chromium edition)
to access these taskbar newsfeed settings. The page cannot be
accessed via Google Chrome, Firefox or other browsers.

Microsoft is currently rolling out these improvements to select
testers in the Windows Insider program. The feature is
available in select locations only. At the time of writing
this, taskbar feed with a personalization menu is rolling out
in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia,
and India.

The global rollout is scheduled for later this year and no
specifics were provided by Microsoft in their last

Taskbar newsfeed and memory usage

When the feature is enabled,
it will still run in the background to give you the latest
information when you open it the next time. In our tests, we
observed that it can take up to 150MB of RAM or more depending
on your hardware and suggested contents.

However, “News and Interests” is optional, so if you don’t use
it and unpin it from the taskbar, it will not eat memory or

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