Windows 10’s rounded icons are now expanding to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is slowly enforcing a new icon design for its apps
across all platforms. Instead of icons with a square layout and
sharp edges, Windows 10 is moving to a rounded square shape and
Microsoft says this new rounded corners will be visually more
appealing and easier to digest.

Microsoft wants to bring consistency and a cleaner look to all
its apps. Earlier this year,
Microsoft started pushing the new icons to Office apps,
inbox apps and other first-party apps on Windows 10. Microsoft
also updated
first-party apps like Calculator with rounded corners.

Microsoft has now started rolling out a new Chromium Edge
update that ditches sharp icons for icons with rounded edges.
The update is heading to testers in the Edge Canary and it will
be released to everyone later this year.

These changes are subtle, but still noticeable when you compare
the old design with the new one.

Microsoft Edge rounded icons

As you can notice in the above comparison, Microsoft is
dropping sharp-edged corners for new rounded corners across,
making the “icons feel like they live in the real world”.

These pop-ups can be found in the menu, settings page, pop-up
alerts, or right-click (context) menu.

Edge rounded context menu

Again, these changes are subtle but they’re noticeable if you
look carefully and it’s another confirmation that Microsoft is
betting big on rounded icons.

Edge settings rounded icons

These rounded corners and icons are expected to replace the
Metro UI’s sharp-edge corners across all apps. For example, the
latest update for Windows 10’s Alarms & Clock app has
introduced rounded-edges.

It’s also worth noting that Windows Vista and Windows 7 did
have rounded corners, however, the company decided to remove
all rounded corners and aero effect when Microsoft adopted the
Metro UI and Fluent Design UI with Windows 8 and Windows 10

Windows 10 Films app
Films & Movies app with rounded corners

Windows 10 is expected to get a new UI update in the second
half of 2021 and it’ll also focus on rounded corners. The
current plan is to improve the consistency across all products,
implement new icons, remove the accent background behind app
icons, and eventually replace Windows 10’s UI with Fluent
Design-based WinUI.

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