Windows 10’s next update to make Windows Search more efficient

Windows 10 Search

Microsoft has released Windows 10 20H1 Build 19025 for Insiders
with a number of fixes and improved Windows Search feature.
Unlike the November 2019 Update, Windows 10 20H1 is the next
big update and the release is due for the spring of 2020, but
the update could arrive early.

Windows 10 Build 19025 doesn’t bring too many changes, but it
makes Windows Search more efficient.

With May 2019 Update, Microsoft introduced Enhanced Search mode
to make the search process better and faster. When Enhanced
search mode is enabled, you can search for files anywhere on
your PC using the Windows Search quickly.

In previous versions of the OS, Windows Search index included
Documents, Downloads, Pictures, and Desktop. To enable Enhanced
Search mode, open Settings and navigate to  Search >
Searching Windows. On the next page, select “Enhanced
(Recommended)” option and this would make Windows Search search
your entire PC.

For some users, this change resulted in the excessive disk and
CPU usage, and it also affected the general performance of
Windows. The next version of Windows 10 implements a new
algorithm that would detect the high CPU and identify peak
usage times to address the performance issues.

The algorithm will adjust the indexer and manage it accordingly
to ensure reduce disk usage and activity.

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