Windows 10’s File Explorer is still buggy after latest update

File Explorer

Microsoft says Windows 10 cumulative
update KB4532695, which is available as an optional update
for consumer and enterprises,
fixes multiple bugs in File Explorer. According to the
changelog, Windows 10’s optional update fixes a bug that broke
File Explorer search bar and disabled right-click in the search

Windows 10 File Explorer issues were first discovered in
November 2019 Update shortly after its public rollout. In
December, users reported that the search bar can freeze for
long periods of time. Many Windows 10 owners also confirmed
that File Explorer’s new search experience prevents users from
right-clicking in the search bar.

While Microsoft has resolved the above two issues affecting
File Explorer and Control Panel, the new search experience is
still buggy.
For example, you have to click twice to reset the caret
position and input your search query.

File Explorer search bar bug

Although Microsoft says it has enabled right-click support,
search box continues to be a facade and it can’t be
right-clicked until you left-click the bar to activate it. The
new Search bar has another bug where advanced Query Syntax
keywords, operators, and filters are no longer highlighted in
blue colour.

File Explorer’s unified search experience is still a mess and
it looks like things won’t get better until Windows 10’s 20H1
update is out.

Microsoft has yet to acknowledge the new problems with Explorer
and there don’t appear to be any workarounds. If you have
installed Windows 10 November 2019 Update, you have to accept
the possibility of experiencing issues with File Explorer and
Control Panel.

Windows 10’s November 2019 Update is being rolled out to more
users via Windows Update, but it won’t be installed
automatically unless you’re on October 2018 Update. You can
always delay the November 2019 Update if you’re not ready for a
buggy File Explorer experience.

As is the case with every cumulative update, KB4532695 is
apparently causing BSOD, audio issues, TPM, and other problems
on some systems.

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