Windows 10’s fall 2021 feature update is a step closer to launch

Windows 10 21H2 October update

Windows 10 version 21H2 is now available for pre-release
validation with commercial PCs. This will allow PCs managed IT
administrators to download and run Windows 10 version 21H2
update for testing ahead of its October 2021 release.

The Windows 10 version 21H2, which is expected to launch in
October 2021 alongside Windows 11, would be the second major
update for 2021, following the launch of Windows 10 May 2021
Update earlier this year.

In the commercial testing program, Microsoft is now pushing
Windows 10 fall 2021 update through all Windows Update
channels, such as Windows Update (should be part of an
organization enrolled in the Insider program), Windows Server
Update Services (WSUS), and Azure Marketplace. Additionally,
Microsoft has also published ISO images.

It’s worth noting that the aforementioned change applies to
commercial customers only and you don’t need to take any action
if you have a Home or Pro license of Windows in the Beta or
Release Preview Channel. This change is meant for validation
purposes in organizations only.

Microsoft is basically allowing IT managers to test the new
version of Windows 10 on their existing hardware and configure
new management policies ahead of the automatic rollout.

The update will appear on commercial devices under “optional
updates” via Windows Update. You’ll also see a notification for
Windows 11 if the device meets the hardware requirements.

For commercial testing, Windows 11 requires Windows 10
September 1 optional cumulative update (KB5005101).
This could be a requirement for consumer devices as well.

What to expect in Windows 10 October 2021 feature update

As Microsoft is busy with Windows 11 development, October 2021
Update for Windows 10 and later will be somewhat small.

Microsoft has, however, worked on some enterprise features. For
example, Windows 10 will be getting support for GPU compute in
the Windows Subsystem for Linux. This could allow developers
and users to run graphics-intensive programs within the Linux
container. For example, WSL will now support machine learning
and other compute-intensive workflows.

Microsoft is also adding support for WPA3 H2E standards support
for better Wi-Fi security.

To be clear, Microsoft hasn’t provided a release date for
Windows 10 fall update, but it’s likely to launch in October
2021 with October 2021 update name,

Windows 10 October 2021 Update or version 21H2 will be
supported for 18 months for Windows 10 Home and Pro. On other
hand, Education and Enterprise customers will have 30 months of
support. Windows 10 will be supported until October 2025, so
it’s possible that more feature updates will be released in the
coming months.

In addition to Windows 10 21H2,
Windows 11 is also scheduled to launch in October, but a
wider rollout is not expected until early 2022.

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