Windows 10’s best feature will remain exclusive to some devices

Windows 10 now does a great job of enabling closer integration
between mobile and desktops. While the iOS version of the Your
Phone app remains limited, Android users are allowed to mirror
their phone screen, sync clipboard content, and stream Android
apps on the desktop.

Three key features of the Your Phone app – clipboard sync,
Android apps streaming, and phone screen mirror are still
exclusive to a handful number of phones made by Samsung.

Microsoft’s Your Phone app screen mirroring feature was
originally designed for multiple mobile devices, including
OnePlus phones, but it was narrowed to a Samsung-only feature
after Microsoft discovered performance issues.

In addition to screen mirror support, Windows 10 also comes
with drag-and-drop capabilities for files stored in your mobile
device, but it won’t work if you don’t own a supported Galaxy

Users who don’t own a Samsung phone are still getting new
features with Windows 10 Your Phone app updates, but they’re
far more minor. For instance, Microsoft is currently testing a
feature that will let you turn off Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular
connectivity directly from your desktop.

Samsung Your Phone app

Windows 10 was recently updated with support for phone apps on
PC and the experience is very smooth, thanks to Wi-Fi direct,
Bluetooth, and custom drivers made by Microsoft and Samsung.

This feature even lets you pin mobile apps on your PC, so you
can launch them without opening the Your Phone app.

Earlier this month,
Microsoft also added support for side-by-side Android apps
streaming—but again, these features are only for Samsung

It looks like the wait won’t be over for those who don’t own a
Samsung product as Microsoft has confirmed that Your Phone
app’s advanced features will remain exclusive to Samsung

Android apps on desktop

In August, one anonymous source told us that advanced features
will be exclusive to phones from Samsung and Microsoft. This is
because Windows 10 needs “special drivers” in the firmware of a
phone, which means the mobile manufacturer would have to ask
Microsoft for help.

While Android is an open-source platform, it’s not possible for
Microsoft to add to this feature to Android OS and bring it to
more devices.

It may come to smartphones from other manufacturers only when
both companies work together.

As confirmed by Vishnu Nath,
Microsoft’s senior engineer, advanced Your Phone app features
will remain exclusive to Samsung phones because they require
OS/firmware integration.

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