Windows 10 Your Phone call support is now available for everyone

Windows 10 Your Phone
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Microsoft has been testing Your Phone app’s ability to place
and make calls with some users, and the feature is now
available for everyone. With Your Phone app, you can now make
calls via your Windows 10 PC and leave your Android phone in
your pocket.

If you’re not seeing call support in Your Phone app, you may
need to reinstall the app from the Microsoft Store. In theory,
the feature allows you to answer incoming calls from your PC
and as well as initiate calls.

Call support is currently available for Android users only and
it may never come to iPhones because of third-party services
restrictions on iOS.

Microsoft noted that calls be will be placed only when the
Android phone is in the Bluetooth range of your PC. It’s worth
noting that calls are still placed from your Android phone, but
you’ll be able to control it and talk to the caller via your
PC’s hardware.

Call UI

It lets you decline incoming calls, answer incoming calls and
send voicemail or respond with a text to the caller. The app
will sync your call history and contacts, and you’ll be able to
open the dialer within the app to call an unknown person.

During a call, you’ll be allowed to swap calls between PC and
the phone. For example, you can click on ‘use phone’ option and
continue the chat via the phone.

Your Phone calling support

Your Phone app calls support is the culmination of Microsoft’s
effort to slowly migrated its services onto Android. Microsoft
Your Phone app promises decent calling experience, but the
quality depends on a number of factors including the Bluetooth
adapter used on both devices and its range.

Your Phone app background

Microsoft is also updating the app to use the current
background image of the phone on the navigation pane with a
touch of the Fluent Design system’s acrylic blur.

“Because Your Phone is, well, *your* phone, we wanted to make
it feel as such on your PC. Rolling out now to Windows
Insiders, you can enjoy your phone wallpaper being applied with
acrylic transparency to the navbar + larger icon. PS: Calls is
now fully rolled out at 100%,” Microsoft said.

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