Windows 10 Your Phone app now lets you control your phone settings

Windows 10 Your Phone app

Microsoft’s Your Phone app has been around for a while now and
it was updated last year with a bunch of exciting features.
Your Phone app for Windows 10 currently lets you sync your
photos/notifications and calls from your phone to your PC, and
view Android apps on the desktop.

The app is now getting a new feature that will allow users to
control Android phone settings directly from the desktop.

As you can see in the below GIF, you can soon enable or disable
Bluetooth, change the volume, switch to ‘Do not disturb’ mode,
or control the music player (if the media content is playing in
the background).

Your Phone app indicators

It also looks like Microsoft is testing these benefits for all
Android phones, including Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, Nokia and
others. Your Phone app also comes with other indicators that
could help in situations where you don’t know if your phone is
using cellular connectivity or how much charge is left in it.

This works only when your phone is connected to the desktop
over Your Phone companion app and internet, so the PC
essentially acts as a controller. This is a very cool concept
and we expect to see it soon for more users in the coming

Android apps streaming via Your Phone app

In addition to indicators support,
Microsoft is also rolling out Android apps streaming feature to
more users. Once updated, you’ll be able to open multiple
Android apps on your desktop, instead of just one app.

It will work only if you have a supported Samsung Galaxy phone,
but support for more products could be introduced soon.

Microsoft has been testing this feature since September 2020
and multiple apps are now officially supported if you’ve
updated the ‘Link to Windows’ app on certain models of Samsung

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