Windows 10 Your Phone app is getting these new improvements

Your Phone app music bar

Windows 10 Your Phone is a Microsoft app that synchronizes your
desktop and Android or iOS device, and it requires the Your
Phone Companion app on mobile to establish the connection.

Microsoft has been slowly adding new features to Windows 10
Your Phone app, and it’s arguably nearing completion, but
Microsoft is now working on UI improvements to further enhance
the settings experience, which is a mess currently among
various devices.

Currently, with the right combination of mobile device and
desktop, the Windows 10 Your Phone app can show recent photos,
messages, mirror Android’s screen, and also let you view and
interact with Android apps.

In addition, the Your Phone app on Windows 10 allows you to be
alerted with the phone’s notifications, battery life, and it
even lets you make calls.

Microsoft appears to be working on a new feature called
‘contacts tab’, which would be a helpful addition to this app
when you need to access your contacts list.

Your Phone app contacts tab

This new option, which appears right below the calls tab, will
also display the contacts from Windows 10’s People app.

If you pay attention to the above screenshots, you’ll also
notice that Microsoft’s app is getting less cluttered settings

The cleaner settings experience is rolling out to the testers
in the Windows Insider program and it comes with options to
split up between different categories like general, my devices,
features, personalization, feedback, and about.

As we reported earlier this month, an upcoming update for the
Windows app will also
allow conversations to be split from the messages tab. In
the messages tab, you’ll find a pop-up option that will be able
to put a messaging thread into its own window.

Messages PiP

Likewise, Microsoft is also working on text recognition support
for multimedia messages (MMS). This feature will allow you to
easily copy phone numbers, contact information, or addresses
from an image sent to you.

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