Windows 10 Your Phone app and Cortana just got better in the latest updates

Microsoft is rolling out new updates to both Windows 10’s Your
Phone app and Cortana (digital assistant). While Windows 10
Your Phone app is getting the ability to delete photos stored
in your smartphone, Cortana is gaining support for a new File
skill, which means it can now help you discover documents in
your local or cloud storage.

Microsoft’s Your Phone app allows you to hook up your
smartphone to your Windows 10 PC and
it even lets you run Android apps. Later today, Microsoft’s
app is getting another functionality that will help you delete
mobile photos directly from the desktop.

The Your Phone app internal builds received this feature back
in July and it’s finally rolling out to users. The update is
available for everyone including those with non-Samsung phone
and you don’t have to update the app from the Microsoft Store
to access the new controls.

Your Phone app photo delete

It appears to be a server-side rollout and it is being done in
a controlled manner.

After the update, you should be able to open photos captured by
your smartphone and click on the ‘Delete’ button to remove it.
In future, it’ll be possible to bulk delete mobile photos
directly from your desktop.

Cortana is getting a big update

Microsoft is still investing in Cortana app and the digital
assistant is getting better in the latest update, which is
rolling out via the Windows Store.

As we mentioned at the outset, Cortana is gaining a new feature
called “File skill” and it will help you find and open
documents on Windows 10.

You can now ask Cortana to open your files, which means you
don’t have to open your File Explorer and navigate the files

Cortana files skill

For consumers, Cortana will only search for your files using
the author’s name, file type, and document name locally on the
PC. If your Microsoft account is part of an organization,
Cortana should be able to scan your files in OneDrive for
Business and open documents.

The new feature is rolling out to devices with Windows 10
October 2020 Update and newer.

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