Windows 10 will still get two feature updates next year, but in a new way

Windows 10 two feature updates

Microsoft is still planning to release two feature updates next
year for Windows 10, but the company won’t repeat this year’s
major-minor cadence for upgrades.

This time the significance of the next two Windows 10 upgrades
will be flipped. The end result will be a minor service
pack-like refresh in Spring (April-May) followed by a
feature-rich upgrade in the fall (October-November).

It’s unclear if Microsoft will be using the new “servicing
technology” to deliver the first minor, but it’s very likely
that Windows 10 won’t be getting anything ‘exciting’ until the
second half of 2021.

If that’s accurate, this would mean Microsoft will soon
communicate about the upcoming changes to Windows 10 release
cadence. It is unlikely to happen this year because Microsoft
staff members will be on vacation for the holiday season and it
has even paused optional patches until January 2021.

It’s also possible that Microsoft will add minor new features
to Windows 10 via the monthly cumulative updates until late
2021. Currently, the monthly cumulative updates are all about
bug fixes and improvements, but Microsoft recently added ‘Meet
Now’ feature to Windows 10 via
November cumulative update.

This trend could continue moving forward and a few new features
will arrive in Windows 10 via monthly optional patches up until
the fall when the company is expected to publish the Windows 10
Sun Valley (21H2) feature release.

While the Windows 10 21H1 update will focus on groundwork and
bug fixes, the next year’s fall update will overhaul things
like the Start Menu and Action Center. Microsoft will also
improve the legacy File Explorer, but we still don’t know if
modern File Explorer will debut outside the Windows 10X
operating system.

Modern File Explorer
Modern File Explorer in Windows 10

Windows 10 UI is something that has been overdue a fresh look
for quite some time and we will be seeing the improvements when
the feature update drops in 2021.

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