Windows 10 will offload apps to save space without deleting their data

Windows 10 and iPhone

When you install a Microsoft Store app on your Windows 10
device, you either keep it or remove it. Uninstalling an app
would cause Windows 10 to prompt you with a warning that all
associated data on your device would also be removed. This is a
standard process that’s also followed on mobile operating
systems, such as iOS and Android.

With iOS 11, Apple introduced a feature called ‘offloaded apps’
that removes apps and reduces storage burden, but any
associated documents and data remain on the device, which
allows users to quickly reinstall the app when they need it
without having to reconfigure it.

To save your storage and internet bandwidth, Windows 10 is also
getting a new feature that will archive your infrequently used
apps. This feature, which is currently available in some
installations of Windows 10 preview builds, removes little-used
apps but keeps their documents and data.

We understand that the achieved apps will appear somewhere on
Windows 10, and can be reinstalled with a tap.

Archive apps in Windows 10

The feature is enabled by default and it works automatically in
the background, but users can disable it and block Windows 10
from offloading the unused apps.

“To save storage space and Internet bandwidth, apps you don’t
use frequently will be archived automatically. Your files and
other data will be saved. The next time you use an archived
app, it’ll connect to the internet to restore the full version
(if it’s still available),” the description of the feature

Microsoft Store apps can take up a lot of storage space on your
computer, so achieving the ones you don’t use often is an easy
way to free up more space quickly without going through the
burden of backups.

This could be especially convenient because achieving apps
retain any data associated with the app, like your files and
other settings configuration, just in case you want to
reinstall it from the Microsoft Store again.

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