Windows 10 will begin promoting Microsoft Edge via Settings app

Windows 10 Edge browser banner

Microsoft’s latest effort to promote Chromium Edge involves a
banner in the Windows 10 Settings app. In Windows 10 preview
builds, if you install a third-party browser and set it as the
default browser, a new banner in the Settings app will
recommend the Chromium Edge browser.

Microsoft has been taking serious aim at the other browsers
by introducing banners across the operating system to try to
persuade rival browser fans to try the Chromium Edge.

At the moment, the new banner is only appearing in the Insider
preview builds for Windows 10 Home and non-domain-joined
Windows 10 Pro PCs.

It also appears that the banner is currently rolling out to
select testers only, so this could be yet another experiment
and we don’t know if everyone will see this message once the
update is officially released.

To promote Microsoft Edge, Microsoft is using the Settings
app’s header feature that currently sits at the top of the
window and displays basic information like your user account,
OneDrive, and Windows Update.

Microsoft first introduced the new Settings header with May
2020 Update and the purpose of the header is to display
essential information. The tech giant is now exploring a new
“Web Browsing” option within the header area to recommend the
Chromium Edge.

Edge banner in Windows Settings

If you click on the Web Browsing link and you’ve installed
Chrome or Firefox, Microsoft will display a notification trying
to persuade the user that they should be browsing with Chromium
Edge instead.

Below the link, Microsoft is also displaying “Restore
recommended” alert that allows you to set Chromium Edge as the
default browser with one additional click.

Edge recommendation

Broadly speaking, there’s a lot to like about Microsoft Edge
and it’s also better than Google Chrome, but there are some
users who may not like Microsoft’s recommendations for its
products and services within the OS.

Unfortunately, it appears that there’s no way to dismiss the
recommendation, at least for now.

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