Windows 10 will begin asking about your interests to suggest tools

Windows 10 new OOBE screen

Any time you buy a new PC, reinstall Windows 10 or install a
big feature update, you’re going to walk through Microsoft’s
blue background “Out of the Box Experience” or OOBE screen.

In an OOBE screen, you have the choice to configure your system
settings for privacy and additional Microsoft services. For
example, you’ll be asked for your preferred Microsoft services,
language or keyboard layout.

Other options in Windows 10’s OOBE screen includes Microsoft
account, Cortana, privacy settings, and whether you want to
create an OneDirve account to sync your content across your

Windows 10 OOBE

In preview builds, Microsoft is now experimenting with a new
OOBE page that will allow Windows 10 to understand your device
usage and recommend appropriate services or tools.

This feature is likely to remain optional for now but it will
pop-up on your device after the next feature update.

As you can see in the screenshot above, Windows 10 will allow
you to select various ways you plan to use your device. Based
on your interests, Microsoft says it can offer suggestions for
tools and services.

Microsoft is currently testing the following customization

  • Gaming: The games that you play or you may want to play.
    Microsoft’s suggestions will help you stay up-to-date about new
  • Family: Microsoft will help you connect to your family
    members in your Microsoft account. These suggestions will also
    help you edit safety settings, and give additional information
    about profiles on the device.
  • Creativity: Apps, presentations or videos that bring ideas
    to life.
  • Schoolwork: Your notetaking apps, collaboration tools, etc.
  • Entertainment: Streaming, music, web browsing and social
  • Business: Manage your organization or customers, personal
    expenses, and run your business.

This new experimental feature suggests that Microsoft wants to
better understand how you plan to use Windows 10 and help you
in customizing your device.

For example, if you select ‘Gaming’ and ‘Creativity’ as your
interests, Windows 10 will begin showing recommendations for
appropriate services or tools, such as Xbox Game Bar.

We don’t know if Microsoft will also recommend third-party
tools and services.

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